C'est Mignon!

A new baby's arrived! A cute western highland terrier named Vigo. I feel like I'm having a real baby cause he followed me all the time. Whenever, wherever. He's a perfect friend for my lonely chihuahua :D
Thanks Nadya, I'll take a good care of him. Promise :)

Wishlist part one

Ding ding ding.. Christmas is nearly come. Holiday ticket's already on my pocket. And holiday's bestfriend is a sunglasses! Although aviator's adorable and wayfarer's cute, I spotted my eyes on this gorgeous Rayban Clubmaster. Classy, yet cool.

I hate the blue one, but I like it on ed westwick :* and I think it's RobPatz's favorite. He wore it like everyday!

With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60.
-----Jack Nicholson



All time favorite fragrances based on my "sniffing expertise" :p
---------------------------------Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

-------------------------------------- CK be by Calvin Klein
-------------------------------------- Ralph by Ralph Lauren
---------------------------------- Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
----------------------------------- 360 degrees by Perry Ellis
------------------------------------- Deep Red by Hugo Boss
--------------------------------- White Musk by The Body Shop
They're ageless!

A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future.
-----Coco Chanel


oo Katherine

Have any idea why Kathrine Heighl always showed up with my "alltime favorite" actors?

With Gerard Butler on The Ugly Truth 2009
With Ashton Kutcher on Killers 2010
With Josh Duhamel at Life as We Know it 2010

Who else would it be? Bradley Cooper? Channing Tatum? Geez!


PCA 2010 ?

tell me, how could you possibly pick one of this hottie hunk on people's choice awards 2010?
ok, mostly, I hate bf-gf couple tee. but this one’s cute, tho :)



Chuck : i love you
Blair : but..can you say it twice?
Chuck : i love you..
Chuck : i love you three
Chuck : i love you four
Blair : *BIG GRIN*

even a cold-hearted bi*ch can't resist 'i love you'..


Fierce Couture

Even my fingers worships them..