magic wheels

Got this amazing website from footlose and fancyfree! A virtual 3D custom fix gear. Check out this web -> republicbike \m/
And oh this baby is soooo prettyDamn my mother fff-er frienddddds!


101 Things friends do

101 Things friends do :

1. play video games together

2. go trick-or-treating

3. give presents to each other

4. go to the movies

5. listen to music

6. wrestle

7. give Valentine's cards

8. tell secrets

9. eat with each other

10. tell jokes

11. go to the zoo

12. play outside

13. go into the pool

14. make crafts

15. go on trips

16. read

17. sleep over

18. ride bikes

18. be partners in school

20. go to each other's birthday party

21. go to the beach

22. make your friend feel brave

23. share toys

24. do each other's hair

25. play soccer

26. play dress up

27. go shopping

28. go to concerts

29. play with nail polish

30. color

31. go ice-skating

32. go to a carnival

33. go over your friend's house

34. watch a movie

35. go on a picnic

36. dance

37. go to the aquarium

38. watch the sunset

39. share snacks

40. painting

41. have dinner together

42. do a projects

43. go roller skating

44. write a story

45. buy school supplies

46. build a tree house

47. skateboard

48. scare each other

49. race each other

50. arm wrestle

51. thumb wrestle

52. E-mail a friend

53. show a magic trick

54. hike with a friend

55. tell a friend how you feel

56. lend a friend money

57. build up a friend's confidence

58. congratulate when something good happens

58. climb trees

60. join a club together

61. walk to school together

62. sit next to each other on a bus

63. stick up for each other

64. talk on the phone together

65. pillow fight

66. do a science experiment together

67. go on vacation together

68. fly kites

69. build sand castle

70. collect shells

71. make bead necklaces

72. play cards

73. Give hugs

74. Write an article about how proud you are to have a friend

75. Skip classes

76. Double Date

77. Just Talk

78. Stand in a staircase and talk to each other loudly so it echoes :)

79. Draw on each others arms or feet etc.

80. Post random
things on this website .

81. Throw a party.

82. Go in public and yell "hey, stupid!" and see how many people turn around.

83. Dance and sing like there's no tomorrow.

84. Get as hyper as possible.

85. Watch super-scary movies together.

86. Go into your room and blast music so loud it shakes the house!

87. Take pictures as much as you can.

88. Act as crazy as possible.

89. Won't turn their backs when you needed them most.

90. Notice when you're a mess and will immediately asks "what can I do for you?".

91. Would never say I told you so, when you're clearly wrong.

92. Tries their best to get you stop crying.

93. Forgives you.

94. Will make you want to laugh and cry at the same time.

95. Misses you back.

96. Pick a fight with you and say sorry.

97. Put you in their prayers.

98. Wont ran away after all the things that you did.

99. Wont get scared of your true self.

100. All they wanted is for you to be happy.

101. and most important of all, they love you back :)



Is where my heart belongs..

My parents asks my sister to find me a school there so I can continue my master in Paris. I feel very excited at first. I've even already took language course (which is hell difficult). But then after I saw my parents, I realized that I don't wanna left them alone. I mean, my sister's already moved to Paris. If one day I leave too then who'll take care of them :(

I'll let God choose the best for me. Whatever He say, I'm in..