some of them called it 'resolution'

2011 is running well so far. just busier. and, just like everybody did on new year, they made a resolution list (even if it ends up hanging on ur wall, un-touch). here's some of mine :
1. Drink but no Drunk. I mean, drink necessarily.
2. Daftar Yoga. Dude, I really need this.
3. 2010 : You mess with me, you mess with the best. 2011 : You mess with me, I don't care.
4. Smart shopping, Start saving.
5. Remembering NAMES. I feel like I'm insulting people by forgetting their names easily.
6. Remember ANYTHING. This is one of me and my bf's similarity. We just can't remembering particular thing (even our anniversary's date)
7. Ok, this one's so hard. But I'll try my best to fill in. BE ON TIME.
8. Unlike Blair, now I prefer a scone than a scheme :)
9. Be nice, but not that nice. Being too nice is no fun!
10. Going to Gym. Period.

Well, i guess that was a cranky resolution list. You can do it better ;p Just be yourself and everybody's gonna like you. or not.



Wanna know my everlasting wish?

A black suede platform by Christian Louboutin.
And for my current eye-shopping-lova' :

Steve Madden's Clogs shoes, and

Proenza Satchel blue lambskin bag.

Good God!