Junk kids with a future! a bright one!

Meet this hippie people who have their own world and weird thoughts, but surprisingly adorable!

Amanda Talitha : two words for her, ADORABLY PERFECT! she's damn pretty, but she doesn't feels like one. Her hobby is helping people and praying. Have a beautiful voice and a smart brain. NEVER GETS MAD! what a beautiful creature!
Arum Kinanti : She's tinny but mighty. Her blood was made by tint, her brain was created by photoshop, and her childhood toy was a camera! Great imagination's all around her mini head. She looks fragile in the outside, but trust me, she's more "XENA" than me! :D
Dinda Nancy : Here we go, the queen of hippie (he-he). She's our "walking-alfalink". Born in DC, been lived in Kenya, dumped from hi-school in Indonesia (pick the home schooling method), oh-so-into fashion! listening "different" kind of music, and sometimes (I prefer to say always) out of the box! the one and only Dinda Nancy, my midnight chit-chat dude ;p
Nadine Wulandari : My baby..the cutest baby ever made! She always made me laugh with her dumb-dumber-dumbest acts! Her cheeks.. ooh God, I'll swapped anything in this world to bite 'em! I love her like pooh love piglet!
Arlisya Firana : The word "don't judge a book by its cover" really suits her well! She might look pretty and calm, sweet and shy.. talk to her for just about 5 minutes and you know exactly what she actually like! Autistic, if I can say, close to mentally disorder. But she has a great heart and an honest personality. She's sweet and caring. That's what makes boys crazy of her (instead of her 'autism' thingy).
Indah Thepani : The Model, The Goddess! With this photogenic face and killer legs, who ever thought that her voice sounds like dora the explorer!!
Muhammad Iqbal : From zero to hero. From nothing to something. He's now a social bee! Working in Oz radio Jakarta doesn't make him snob. He's still an old Iqbal, my best and helpful Iqbal. Ask him anything, and he would do it with his very best.
Andra Gondokoesoemo : he's just like my brother. a big one :D He always there to help me, and (I don't know why) always understand me-my problem. He teaches me to enjoy our life because we only live once. And last but not least, he's my traveling mate!!
Ayu Trisiwi : Gosh..I really miss her! She moved in to Malaysia in the middle of our school period. She's my sexy yet cute girl. And if a look could kill, then u'll have to be careful cause u would DIE by her look!
Finandita Irma : My sweetest neighbor! look at her beautiful smile and a cute tinny winny body. She's the girl that every boys dreaming of.
Bimo Pradikto : This is how I understand boys. I've learn a lot about 'how to treat and handle boys' (he-he). I always throw him with questions, like "so, what should I do next?" and he (surprisingly) knows the answers. I probably would love to called him my "Love Doctor" :p
Ikhsan Maisa Putra : Again, my sweet neighbor :) has the same hobby with me, playing softball. Head of a car gang called "ngeteng". Nice personality. Sweet and caring. Preppy look. But no, he's not gay! He's a lady killer *wink*
Nindy Fitriany : Or..should I say Nindya Munaf? Because that's the name you would hear on Oz Radio! In some condition, she's just like my sweet little sister. But in different way, she can be my fierce MOMMAA!! ooh..I love her in any ways!
Veronika Dyah : a very unique and sensitive girl. I love sharing a talk or two with her, and actually she's not as tough as her look. A fragile little girl is hiding behind her powerful look.
Dimas Danang Suryonegoro : never find the best word to describe this magical creature. could never guess what's on his mind. what he did is always surprising. but I know he always there to help people even if he also feel down. His presence is a bliss!
Rekhaza Panji : well, I love his unique blood. Can you imagine Arabian, Indian, Indonesian (Javanese) mixed in one body? Messy hair (and teeth), black circle around his eye, huge drawing book, and a backpack has always been his daily appearance. But I don't know why ABG girls were crazy about him! *sigh*
Michael Cornelius : We call him 'kokoh', not because the racist issue but because he always acted like one! His accent of speaking, how to deal with money (ha-ha!), and he proud to be a Chinese! Just hearing his 'unconnected' jokes already wiggled my tummy :D

You'll not gonna believe me until you literally meet these persons :)
I'm not being excessive,
I just love them!

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