Thailand, 2009!

ya ya yeah! last month I had an ah-maze-ing vacation to Bangkok, Thailand. It's been a while since I've never left this hectic country for ages! Fortunately, we arrived at Bangkok a day before the mighty King's birthday which is a big celebration for Thai citizen. Usually at King's birthday, people wore a yellow shirt for the celebration night, but since the King was sick, they wore a pink shirt to show their sadness (weird, huh? I know! )

Here's the King's picture. Thailanese are really love their King, so they put King's pic everywhere! (at their car, shops, house, at the mall, everywhere!)

5th of December, 7.00 pm

btw, that gold and black stripped traveling bag was my favorite, before some jerk cut it off and made a big hole on it. It happened on the traditional market, so I warn you guys, to be more careful if you have a plan to visit Bangkok. Luckily, nothing's lost. My passport, money, phone, camera and stuffs still there. phew! Rest in peace, my perry ellis :(

oh, and I can't use my blackberry internet connection, because there's no (even one) people could speak english! ok, overreacted. there is, but I can't even understand their thailish (Thai-English). I used to applying for D-TAC card (relation with XL) then again, the 7eleven man couldn't made it!! don't ask me about the wireless connection, because we have to pay (??) more!! even when we've been hang out in black canyon cafe (and off course orders some coffee) we must additionally pay for the wi-fi!! graa..

overall it was fun! I don't know why I've never get tired although we walked for kilos! maybe because of the shop shop shop!! It's a heaven for SHOPPING!!

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