Thank God it's Friday! Thank God I have the world's best girlfriends ever!! Thank God to give a one FREE day.. to all of us! (finally) anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINYAANGG :)

playing headband-something! well, I got 'kucing garong and behel' (susah ye bok). then we played the punishment and reward casino. Me and nadine was dared to ask 5 signatures from other visitors. The one who got it quick is the winner. Oh, and Dinda dare me to did the ballet dance with 10 times spin *dizzy*

location : Iniko Toys Cafe, Senopati.

Next, heading to subtitles. (I'm so happy, catch up with my boyfriend there!!)

dennis with his favorite grey sweater :))
Location : Subtitles, Darmawangsa Square

Love love love!! Love my bestfriends, Love my boyfriend!!
Next weekend might be another quality time with my full team (with the boys) can't waiiitt!!

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