BOYS are stronger than GIRLS?

Oh, please…

Can you bleed for a week and survive?
Can you squeeze 14 inch baby from a 9 centimeter hole?
Can you carry a 7 pound baby in your stomach for 9 months?
Can you take care of a child, cook, clean, and talk on the phone at once?
Can you carry 10 8 pound s.h.o.p.p.i.n.g b.a.g.s?
Can you go a WEEK only eating salad?
Can you —> face heartbreak?
Can you watch the (love of your life) be with someone else?
Can you burn your forehead with a straightener and not complain?
Can you wear a thin piece of [STRING] in your ASS all day?
Can you walk all day in 4 inch stilletos?
Can you cry all night then wake up the next morning like everythings okay?



nadine wulandari said...

sarahitooo, link blog gw ganti loh jadi nadinewulandari.blogspot.com ahaha diganti yah di linknya. thanks beybikuh :*

sarah ayunda said...

alrityyyy :*