one another..

why on the earth that (straight) boys and girls couldn't be friends for a long period?
i mean, either they both falls for each other, or just a one side feeling?
you see, love can crashed friendship just in time,
even when they've been bestfriend since they were 6th
or even when their moms already been like sisters
and they both understands each other like starsky and hutch
they did partner in crime
they knew each other's first loves and ex's
share the very same music
singing along like there's no tomorrow
got drunk, did jackpot
stuck in a heavy rain, in the middle of nowhere. ps : out of town
one of them's crying out loud. one another just shut up and stroked other's hair
sharing pets together
or even..
when one of them was laying in a hospital's bed, suffered, despair of the disease. one another holds other's hand, shed tears, while kept saying prayers, wishing everything's gonna be well.

it all can be gone just by one moment.
it's just feel so right when we're just a friend. the very best one.
i'm just.. i miss you, my bestfriend :'(

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