i just read my friend of mine's blog and .... i think it sucks!

i know everyone have any right to write down anything they want. but this one-this blog's really suck! its nothing like a fashion blog, nor the creative or educations. this blog was fully showing off the shit of hers (yes, a girl-offcourse a girl!). she can't stop talking about her new oh-so-mesmerize-but-extortionate gown and her must-be-branded-or-my-foot-will-get-sore shoes. i don't know maybe she's a daddy's-little-hell-rich girl, but it sounds like this little rich girl has no educational info from her parents or school.

i've been hanging around with her, once or twice. and yeaa, she always force us to hung on a high cost bistro or cafe. i mean, helloo we're a college students for God's sake! and her voice tone was soo eewwyy.. like a fake paris hilton.

why on earth there's a people like her?? zzzzzz

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