#howyou ?

#howyou spent your money most?

me, my top six of money waster causes :

1. CONCERT!! this is my secret guilty pleasure. i loove watching my favorite bands or solos with my own eyes once in a lifetime. for me, just listen and watch videos isn't enuuuff!!

2. eat! yea, as a human i ate alot! i love to eat and try some bizarre foods!

3. gasoline. its a huge money waster, considering the f-ing traffic in Jakarta.

4. phone bills. including my mobile internet bill.

5. shop. this isn't very important because i shopped with my mood. i'm not a shoppafreaks like all girls did. but it'll be dangerous if i saw something and craving for it.. i'll do anything to seize 'em! heheheh

6. travel. i hate to work hard. but sadly, its a must! so, after doing some work, i rest all of my mind and body to travel somewhere. sometime, i'm sick live in the city. its soo stereotypes. i love beaches, mountains, paddy fields, lalala. it wasn't waste much money because i did it in "backpackers" way ;p

see you on the next "#" adios!

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