I love my life, for sure. But, as a human, I also had a dream or a "missing part" that secretly yearning myself off! Here's some of the things :

1. I really wanna have a big brother! I love my one and only sister, but I think it's cool having a cute, boyish, guarding, a band member, messy looks brothaaa!! (thinking of his might-be-cute folks :p)

2. having a cute little sister. or a twin partner :p

3. (still) having a childhood bestfriend, which could share anything even the darkest one. closer than a sister. Sadly, i've lost one :(

4. ..........

eerr.. what was I thinking? technically, I have a perfect life anyway. and I want nothing more than my today's circles. and about lala, I believe she's on her perfect place, smiling on me, and do happy - very happy up there :) the thing is, be happy of what you have, because you don't know how long you could hold 'em..

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