professional image!

Teesstt!! Yiippyy I'm trying blogging via blackberry! I'll fix the layout right away when I'm blogging by laptop.

Today, I feel there's something special about my class. Every tuesday, we have to wear office outfits (mini skirt, heels, and other bitchy things) to professional image's subject. This is my first time (go to campus) wearing those freakin "costume". My friends was making fun of me. They called me "ibu guru miyabi", "ibu pejabat","sekertaris nakal" bla bla. And I just can threw my pretty middle finger to them. Haha!

And thank God when I met my boyfriend, he didn't laugh at me at all! Yes he sees me head through toes, but then he just smile and said "ayo jalan jalan kamu pake baju itu!". Hmmm..he do unpredictable!

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