"do not using english unless you know it well.."

I found this text on my friend's twitter, which now living outside Indonesia. I know, this one's directed to my friend (which have poor english, I admit). so whaatt??! hell yeaa, I mean, who the hell is she, talking about Indonesian people like that?? I really hate that arrogant sentences, DO NOT EVER SAY THAT SHIT IN FRONT OF ME!
me, I like using english while writing on my blog. it helps me increasing my english, perhaps. I mean, we're Indonesian right? we all starts from the beginning (unless you were born or been living somewhere outside Indonesia). we often did the grammatical errors, but, wtf!! its not that important, right?? the foreigners themselves rather use the grammar correctly. don't be such an ass by bluffing ur abilities, in fact that your arrogance makes you got nothing. NOTHING DUUUUDE!!

last but not least : jangan sok bule loo!!

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