bvoice's new management

last saturday, bvoice radio made a recruitment for the new management. so i (as a coordinator of announcer division) applied to be coordinator of announcer - again. but then, thoriq - our program director - ask me to applied to be a broadcast manager. i refused it for the first time, but.. hey, i think it's my next step to have some progress. so i followed thoriq's idea to applied as a broadcast manager.

when they called my name, i go inside the interview room and sit. little bit edgy inside. the interviewer ask me many questions about announcer division. off course i can answer all the questions nicely. but then, when he asked about operational (since broadcast manager's job is managing the announcer and operational division, so they have to know a bit about both divisions) I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT! gosh..

this morning, when i arrived to campus there's an announcement about the result of the latest interview. and i got my positions back, as a coordinator of announcer. yeaayy!

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