lets goo shopping!

my mum, my sister and i went to senayan city this evening to bought some christmas ornaments at debenhams department store. and it's so oh-lovely.

but then, i barely remember that yesterday, my bestfriend (lala) and i make a deal to do the crossing present for christmas. fortunately, there's a candy shop inside the store (since when debenhams have a candy shop?) and i know that she (lala) loves candies, specially lollipops. i bought her two fullcolor-lollipops. hope she'll like it.

when i back to my mum's place, i've been shocked by her shopping bags. it was sooo GIANT! and it's two. so there's a two giant shopping bags that i have to carried on, plus my candy bag. what a shopaholic mooommaa..

OMG, i haven't any idea yet what i'm suppose to make with my "handmade-christmascrossingpresent" with dennis. ooo puhleasee i'm not that creative! please help me!!

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