last morning, i went to dennis’ house to get some relaxation times in the middle of my ‘busyweek’. the facts was …. dennis asked me to helped him to do some housework, because his aunt, tante kesi, who usually did the housework gets ‘demam berdarah’. it’s pretty fun, actually. dennis washed his clothes while i were frying the chickens. i couldn’t stand with boiled oil which is spray on repeatedly. stupid things happened. we ate greedily because we’ve been soooo starving. i looove doing the housework things with dennis. it’s like sparing with no pains. i loved it. i love him.

to dennis yonasa : stop biting my cheeks or other part of my body, or i swear i'm gonna... i'm gonna... just wait what i'm going to do! latter, alligator..

around 3.30pm after saying goodbye, i went to fx to watched curious case of benjamin button with my bestfriend, lala (dennis pengen ikut, but still have a lot of things to do. hihi). it’s a pretty cool movie. hard to understand for the first, tapi lama lama ngerti juga kok. brad pitt is totally HOT! he’s deadly gorgeous! me and lala restrain our breath during the film. our knee’s limp. hahaha i’ve been a little bit over reacted, by the way.

*dennis’ve been jealous wif me, so he asking his brother, ryan to watch benjamin button at pim. haha!

ps : by the way, we (me and my boyfriend) made a tumblr for sharing photos, stories, or other things about us. just check http://srdn.tumblr.com/ and we'll wait ur comments. see-ya!

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