in love = beautiful ?

when girls do in love, they looks more beautiful.

saya kurang setuju dengan quote diatas. menurut saya justru a broken hearted girls will looks hotter. just my thoughts. and my experience, properly :p

a years ago, i've been broken hearted by an asshole exbf. i cannot eat, i lost weight. then, all i want to do is just to prove him that he did a WRONG MISTAKES for dumping me. benar saja, saat saya sudah bisa melupakan dia, totally gets over him, kita ketemu secara tidak sengaja di mall paling gaul sejakarta. he looked at me with no blinking eyes and said : "hmm sar kamu kurusan bangeet..trus rambutnya uda panjang. u're way too beautiful!". abis itu dia mulai mengejar saya lagi. unfortunately, i already have another "betterman" in my life which is my today's boyfriend (hehe). so i got him (asshole exbf) dumped like the way he did.

i love when people saying "u're beautiful..". but i like more when people says "u're funny, u know? i can't stop laughing when i'm with u.." it makes me feels like i'm worth.

u know how dennis and i gets interested each other? by our laughs. sounds silly i know, but thats real.
one day, dennis acted gloomy after catch up his class. i asked whats happened and he just shut his mouth while shooking his head. i have no idea whats happening, so i just pretend like nothing happened, and started the "unstopabletalking". saya berbicara terus menerus gatau apa yang saya bicarakan. lama lama dia mulai menanggapi cerita saya dan membenarkan apa yang salah. dia mulai mengatai saya bodoh, bego, dll. he laugh everytime i did wrong or stupid. akhirnya dia bisa kembali seperti biasa dan melupakan masalahnya sejenak.

couple weeks latter, he told me why he was so gloomy. its because the girl that he like was being into a relationship with other boy. and he said that between him and her is nothing but an anger.

and i got one point : saya menghibur orang yang saya cintai karna patah hati dengan orang lain.

pain. thats what i felt.

but that's actually the thing that makes him realized, i was there for him. sincerely. with smile upon my face and my stupid behaves that can be laughted at. :)

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